Leo Hohlman is wanting to send petitions to the HHS of the Bolshevik JoBama Coup Regime opposing the WHO bypassing the US Constitution on “Health Issues”. That petition thingy is “a horse already out of the barn.” Mass public demonstrations are probably already “Out of the barn” too. The Jan 6 2020 DC protest didn’t work out too well. The Feral Polezi will always infiltrate, use informers as agents provocateurs to create False Flag Incidents to cow other patriots and propagandize us as “Deplorables” and “Domestic Terrorists”.

Comrades, just add HHS to DHS, FIB, ATF, IRS, EPA, as another “Service” Department for the Feral Gov helping it’s peasants (formerly citizens) to accomodate to the NWO and the current USSA.


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